Sunday, May 11, 2008

My trip to Walt Disney Resort-Florida

This was my first trip to WDR with my family. We basically went for my kid who is sweet 3. before I started the trip, I was little apprehensive about what sort of vacation it would be for grown-ups but let me tell you it does cater to adults. I really enjoyed some rides which I felt were unique like the Aerosmith Roll coaster, The Twilight Horror tower.

But something was missing, it did not have a charm which attracts you again to the place like I got when I visited say Grand canyon, or for that matter Las Vegas.

Things are pretty expensive also at the resorts,myself being a vegetarian, there are no options at all, the pamphlets may say that there but you would be better off having a fruit bowl then having the $10 veg burger which has a patty which tastes like clay.

One particular restaurant I would like to mention is Tangerine which is in Epcot and has the Mediterranean cuisine. I choose the veg option and what do I say, for $ 12 bucks I got a piece of bread some, couscous, some lentil salad and hummus, I was so frustrated that we googled for a Thai restaurant that same moment and went to one outside the resort.

Anyway I feel you can visit Disney World once for the experience, but if you are a Veg like I am, look for options outside.