Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yahoo Messenger with Voice-Great

I just tested this for international calls i.e. India and it was great. At 9.9 cents a minute, I guess it is the cheapest around. The quality was suprisingly good given the fact I have Comcast Hi-Speed Internet which really sucks sometimes. I had actually tried Skype also, but that had a sort of echo to the voice which was not there at all with yahoo messenger.

I am sure yahoo messenger with voice will find many converts who are interested in good quality international calls at rock bottom prices.

By the way I also changed my home phone to VOIP. It is great, the provider is Vonage. It's web-site allows to manage your account from anywhere. I definitely feel that VOIP is the way to go with phone systems. I am sure more people will move to this in the coming days.